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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Welcome to Data Matters

Welcome to my new blog. I've taught statistics for nearly 20 years from 100-level general education courses through applied MBA classes. In spite of my love of data and the stories that data can tell, I've learned over the years that most students don't share my devotion and many view my courses as "sadistics" instead of "statistics".

Therefore, I'm starting this blog as an out-of-class tool to engage my students in the world of data. I'll post article links, commentaries, and other data insights for them to read and perhaps comment on. If you aren't a student and you've stumbled across this blog, maybe you'll find something useful too.

There are many scholars (for example David Moore, Edward Tuftes, Ian Ayres) who have done significant work to make statistics more accessible and more useful to a broad audience. I don't expect this small blog to ever equal their contributions but maybe it will turn a few people on to the power and importance of data.

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