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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Millennials: Yes, this was predicted.

I guess I'm developing a habit of an annual post about millennials. My first was in October 2018 and my second was September 2019

In the first post, I talked about my personal experience with different generations of students and linked to an article about millennials. In the second, I didn't say as much and linked to another article.

The overall message was - millennials aren't wildly different than prior generations.

Well here's another article about millennials. Since it's in the Wall Street Journal, it might be behind a paywall. So here's the main point: millennials - who were supposedly going to reject traditional family housing and completely change urban living - are driving the 2020 housing market.

Yes, this was predicted. The millennials are, on average, marrying later and having kids later but they're still marrying, having kids, and buying houses.  

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